Java Policy File Changes:
The Presentation Client is a non-trivial application that requires more privileges 
to access your system, than are normally afforded to an applet running in a browser.
For proper operation of the Presentation Client in a browser, you must grant it one 
extra permission in your Java Policy file. Without this additional permission, the 
tabbing functionality will not work correctly on some forms. 
The java.policy file is installed on each user's machine by the Sun Java Plugin. 
There are a number of ways for the user (or administrator) to update the policy file:
The name of the policy file is "java.policy" and is typically located in the 
"{java.home}\lib\security" directory.
	Note: {java.home} refers to the directory into which the JDK or JRE is installed. 
The permission to be added is called 'replaceKeyboardFocusManager'. The entry to the 
policy file should be:
    grant {permission java.awt.AWTPermission "replaceKeyboardFocusManager";}; 
We also advise that a "codeBase" declaration should be added to make the permission
more specific to your site and the deployed Component Enabler files. The following
statement for example, will only grant the required permission to files that
reside in the "PresentationClient" virtual directory on the server named "MyServer":

       grant codeBase “http://MyServer/PresentationClient” {permission java.awt.AWTPermission "replaceKeyboardFocusManager";};

Once the policy file is updated and saved, the tabbing will function correctly on all
forms, when running the Presentation Client in a browser.